Our Story

The Thondaimanaru Field Center was established in 1968 as a result of a group of intellectuals who were interested in educational development. The Center has been promoting scientific knowledge in the aim to raise the level of the education of Tamil medium students for the preparation of public exams and encourage their educational development.

More students and teachers are enrolled in three-stage in order to engage in learning and teaching activities.And to enhance the scientific knowledge of the students. The present study in the science stream has all the resources to carry out biology, chemistry and physics courses. There are also activities to improve students’ to initiate in innovative discussions and seminars for students and teachers happens as well. In-class mock examinations are conducted to prepare students for GCE Advanced Levels for public examinations. Students who are taking the public examinations are honoured by the promotions.

Competitions are conducted for the students to improve in science and mathematical knowledge. We are developing the concept of research among students and teachers.We provide seminars and trainings with the best residents to raise the teaching skills of teachers.Campaign for students studying in GCE Ordinary Level and GCE Advanced Level.

Thanks to all those who give support for us in these activities. These facilities are expected to be improved in education using our schools. We expect our schools to use these tips to provide our best possible contribution and support for further improvement.

Our Vision

To upgrade the standard of Education in Northern Province.

Our Mission

Promote the teacher, student activities on special emphasis on out of school activities and on formal Education Science and English medium Education.

Message From The President

Field Work Centre (FWC) is a nongovernmental voluntary organization founded in 1968 disseminate scientific knowledge among school students, teachers, researchers and general public through field work, seminars, workshops and exams. The main objective of the FWC is to upgrade the standard of science education and enhance the opportunities in field of oriented practical studies for school students. FWC is now relocated at Thondaimanaru with a new three storey building equipped with biology, chemistry and physics equipment to enhance practical skills among the science students. Magnanimous support of professionals and well wishers is expected for the augmentation of FWC activities and sustainability of the centre.


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